Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Mason's Desk

Remember, this used to be my desk. Kevin sanded and stained it a darker color for Mason. We had it in the playroom in our other house, but since our living room is now the playroom (along with the whole house), we've moved it. Mason seems to like it. He's still not quite big enough, but he manages just fine. I can see him sitting there coloring in a short while.

Boy, has he grown so fast. Each day is a new milestone. Every day he says a new word that I didn't know he knew. He sees pictures through out the house and says names. A picture of Bailey: "Dog", and picture of Mason: "Baby", a picture of the three of us: "Daddy". He never says Mommy for some reason. He probably doesn't recognize me. In the picture, I actually have my hair fixed and makeup on, but during the week with him at home, I look a hot mess! HA!

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