Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Halloween Plans Went BOO!!

We had a fun Halloween weekend planned. Going to Trunk or Treat at church, dressing up in our costume and going trick or treating, going to church on Sunday..... etc.

Something got a hold of Mason Friday afternoon and into the night. He started with a small fever and ended up with a temp of 102 and vomiting. Of course, we were about ready to head to the ER because in 16 months, Mason has never (knock on wood) been sick. As it turns out, it must have been a 24 hour bug of some sorts. We think that he got it from the church nursery. So with that being said, we're not going back to church until Mason has his flu shot. Obviously, he can catch other things, but at least he'll be protected as much as possible.

I just can't believe his pediatrician didn't have the shot available until now. GEEZ! Since Mason is only 17 months (now), he has to get the shot from the doctor's office. They will not give it to him at CVS or any other drug store.

We had trick or treaters both nights. Kevin said that some of the kids look like repeats. Hey! if you can get double the candy, why not?, right! So, Sunday evening, we took Mason around the neighborhood in his wagon, of course. He was able to wear his costume again. We didn't go to any doors. He is really not old enough to eat candy. And he doesn't have enough teeth. HA! Kevin and I would end up eating the candy anyway.

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