Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pick a pumpkin!

We visited the local pumpkin patch this year. Actually, we went to 2 different places. Mason enjoyed walking around, but really didn't seem to interested in the pumpkins. At the first place, he was more into eating the pebbles on the ground. YUCK! He's so funny about walking. So far, he is only interested in walking on the concrete. Once he gets to the grass or unfamiliar territory, he stops, turns around, and walks the other way.

Even though he has a wagon at home, he just had to sit in this one too!

This was Mason's first trip to the pumpkin patch in 2009. He couldn't sit up by himself.

Now this year, 2010. He's walking around, picking out his own pumpkin.

Who knows, next year, he'll be carving his own pumpkin. Ha!! Just kidding.

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