Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving, this year, was spent in Virginia with Uncle James, Lori, Grammy, and Grandpa. We got there on Wednesday since Kevin was off. It was nice too. No traffic, no rushing. The drive wasn't bad. It only took us 2 hours which was great. The maximum time for Mason to be in the vehicle is about that, 2 hours. After that, he starts getting a bit fussy. It was a bit colder in VA which was actually nice since it is almost Christmas. As I type this post, today is a chilling 70 degrees. Yep!! The weather is certainly strange around here.

As usual for Thanksgiving, we all ate too much and were about to starve by the time dinner was served. We had Turkey, ham, green beans, rolls, field peas, sweet potato souffle, mashed potatoes, dressing, chicken and pastry, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and sweet potato pie. Believe or not, we didn't have many left overs. Only enough for one more meal. I guess that's a good thing so you don't have to worry about how may different ways to use left over turkey. Ha!

We went to Olan Mills and had family pictures taken. I can't believe this is the first time EVER we had professional pictures taken of the whole (immediate) family. They turned out pretty good and Mason did excellent until he was ready to leave. To be 18 months (almost), he's very good at taking pictures. As long as the person taking the picture can catch his attention, he's fine.

So, we're getting ready for Christmas. As usual, though, I feel behind. I have several gifts yet to buy and lots of time to be spent in the kitchen, but it always gets done, so I'm not stressing. This week, mental note, I have to order our Christmas cards. I've been waiting for our photo shoot pictures to come back so that I can use one of those. I'm pretty sure they'll be ready in time. I'm thinking either tinyprints.com or shutterfly.com this year. They seem to have a good selection for great prices and they are always fast. I've used both sites and have been happy with them both.

I love this time of year. Even though it's sometimes rushing, and spending time on the road, it's such a special time to spend with family. I hope that you make the best of this Holiday and spend yours with the ones you love the most!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Party and the Park

We had a beautiful weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect.

Saturday morning we had a "yard sale" and no one showed up. Yep!! Not one person. We thought maybe it was because we live out in the country. Well, come to find out, the sign that we staked in the ground at our entrance, had mysteriously been moved to behind the bushes. I guess we should have checked after an hour or so of no one showing up, but we didn't think about it until later. That really STUNK!! On a good note, we did spend the morning doing odds and ends outside. I stained our front porch and Kevin walked around the yard and "looked busy"! Ha! He has been cleaning out the first few feet of our woods. We like the neat look that it gives and also cuts down on the critters in the summer.

Saturday evening we went to Landen's second birthday. It was at an Elementary school in the gymnasium. GREAT idea. The kids were able to run around. The parents didn't have to worry about kids making a mess or tearing down the house. They had a bouncy house. Mason was not fond of it at all. He was frustrated because he couldn't stand up and walk around. He had a great time running around, playing with Daddy, eating pizza, playing with the balls and the other kids. AND of course we forgot to take the camera. We are so bad about remembering. I was having a great hair day too!! Oh well, maybe next time. Ha!

Sunday was another beautiful day. We hung around the house in the morning and after Mason's nap, we went to a local park. We did remember the camera this time, but the pictures didn't turn out great. Mason had fun at the park. He's still to small for most of the equipment, but he loved the swing and loved the freedom of walking around. The park also has a pond with ducks and he seemed to like that too!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Mommy's Birthday

I had a wonderful 29th birthday! HA !!! Kevin worked a 1/2 day and Grammy watched Mason for us. Kevin and I had an actual date. We went shopping and to dinner at Outback. It was yummy. My family, of course, spoiled me again this year. I got money, a cedar birdhouse, a wonderful shower head, earrings, gift cards to Lands End and JcPenney. Now I get to go shopping with my cards. I really need clothes to hang out with Mason. I didn't realize that most of my clothes are from my "working outside of the home" days. Now I need more casual stuff.

Thanks to everyone for making my birthday special.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Halloween Plans Went BOO!!

We had a fun Halloween weekend planned. Going to Trunk or Treat at church, dressing up in our costume and going trick or treating, going to church on Sunday..... etc.

Something got a hold of Mason Friday afternoon and into the night. He started with a small fever and ended up with a temp of 102 and vomiting. Of course, we were about ready to head to the ER because in 16 months, Mason has never (knock on wood) been sick. As it turns out, it must have been a 24 hour bug of some sorts. We think that he got it from the church nursery. So with that being said, we're not going back to church until Mason has his flu shot. Obviously, he can catch other things, but at least he'll be protected as much as possible.

I just can't believe his pediatrician didn't have the shot available until now. GEEZ! Since Mason is only 17 months (now), he has to get the shot from the doctor's office. They will not give it to him at CVS or any other drug store.

We had trick or treaters both nights. Kevin said that some of the kids look like repeats. Hey! if you can get double the candy, why not?, right! So, Sunday evening, we took Mason around the neighborhood in his wagon, of course. He was able to wear his costume again. We didn't go to any doors. He is really not old enough to eat candy. And he doesn't have enough teeth. HA! Kevin and I would end up eating the candy anyway.