Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What do you do all day?

Our day is full of surprises.  Usually it consists of Mommy chasing Mason all around the house.  Having a "mobile" baby is very challenging, but enjoyable too.  I remember the times that I could put Mason in his bouncy seat and take a shower.  Those days are long gone.  

Mason loves TV especially Moose on Nick Jr. 

 Look Mommy, I'm climbing the steps now.

Come chase me Mommy.  I'm going into the closet.

 I love door stops!

Excuse me.  I'm taking my shower now. 

What me?!  I didn't do anything! 

Here is a taste of our daily schedule: (of course this can change from day to day)

7:00/7:30 am ~ Wake up, change diaper, Mason has his breakfast including a bottle and cereal/oatmeal

8:00 until 10:30 ~ Mommy has coffee and her breakfast (Mason has some of my breakfast too) while Mason plays and watches TV, Mommy and Mason play in the playroom because it's too hot to go outside.  Sometimes in the mornings we'll go for a walk (I walk, Mason rides in his wagon)

10:30 ~ nap time for Mason, Mommy takes a shower, has some computer time, cleans up the house. I usually try to do a load of laundry per day along with some other cleaning (vacuum, dust, mop etc.)

12:00/12:30 ~ Wake up for Mason, change diaper, have lunch.  Mason eats his lunch and some of mine too.  

1:00 - 3:00 ~ Play time

3:00 ~ Bottle for Mason

3:30/4:00 ~ Nap time for Mason  During this time I finish some of the cleaning and start any preparations for dinner

5:00 ~ Daddy's home and Mason normally wakes up around this time

5:30/6:00 ~  Dinner

6:30 ~ Cleanup the kitchen, Mason plays with Daddy, Mommy gets some time to herself

7:30 ~ Bottle for Mason, put on jammies

8:00 ~ Bedtime for Mason and sometimes Mommy and Daddy :)

Good Night!

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