Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

Mommy is a lucky lady.  I came home Friday to a house full of goodies.  My big surprise didn't come in the mail until later in the weekend, but I got a photo printer.  This is going to come in very handy and I'm excited to use it.  Kevin printed out a picture yesterday and the quality was awesome.  It was better than going to the store to have them printed or doing it some where yourself.  I was pretty impressed.

So, Nana and Papa came on Saturday to spend the day with Mason and to let us go out on a "date".  We had a good time.  We went to see a movie and went to Olive Garden.  It felt weird not having Mason with us, but it was nice to spend the day together.  At first, Saturday morning, we weren't sure that Nana and Papa were going to make it because this is what we woke up to:

 Actually the snow was very light and fluffy so it didn't stick to the roads.  They just became a slushy mess, but by the afternoon, the roads were pretty much dry and the snow was almost gone.

Mason had a special first Valentine's Day.  He received lots of cards in the mail and Nana sent him a bib.  Grammy put a little something in his card too. :)  Caity drew lots of colorful pictures for Mason.  He loved them too.  He wanted to hold them by himself and look at them.  Nana read each one to him and he just stared at all of the pretty colors.





Can you tell Mason is teething?  Look at this picture.

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