Thursday, February 25, 2010

Teething and Weekend Plans

No new pictures to post yet.  Just a quick note to "catch up" on the past few days and the next few days. 

Mason is still teething, I guess.  He chews anything that he can get his hands on and he is drooling something awful.  I say I guess because he has some of the symptoms of teething, but his gums are fine.  No swelling and no signs of teeth that we can tell.  We're fine with him not having teeth yet.  Kevin and I both feel like he's not a baby anymore if he gets a tooth.  BUT in reality, Mason will always be our baby, right?  LOL!  So, who knows when that first tooth will pop out.

Mason is fast approaching 9 MONTHS, WOW! His well checkup is in the next two weeks and I'm sure he'll get a "thumbs up" from the doctor.  He has been eating well, and sleeping well.

What is Mason up to these days, you ask?

Babbling, cooing, screaming (to get your attention), sitting up very well, drinking 8 oz. at every meal, eating cereal and oatmeal, fruit, veggies, playing, reaching for Mommy, still loves his paci, bouncing everywhere, scooting across the floor backwards ??, not crawling just yet, LOVES TV, especially Blue's Clues and Wonder Pets, likes books (turning the pages), loves lights and colors, loves taking naps (like Mommy), still not too crazy about being on his tummy for too long, very observant or nosey :), curious about how things work (gets that from Kevin).....

I could go on and on, but I'll spare all of the details.  He continues to be a very good baby and surprises us everyday with something new he has learned.  It's amazing!!  He's amazing!!

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