Sunday, February 07, 2010

I'm a big boy on the move

Mason is not crawling (yet), but boy he can scoot all over the place.  We always put him in the same direction during naps and at bedtime; However, we never know what we'll find once it's time to get up.  Here is what we discovered the other day.  

He has managed to pull the comforter down from hanging over the crib and is at the opposite end. 



Looks like we may be moving to the big boy tub very soon. Mason is really enjoying his bath time much more than he used to.  He loves to splash around and play with toys.  Usually, it's the after part of the bath that he hates.  Putting lotion on every part of his body.  He has such sensitive skin (after Mommy).  He doesn't mind this much anymore either.  

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