Monday, February 16, 2009

Under Construction "The Nursery"

We have been busy lately shopping, decorating, painting, etc. This past weekend was our first weekend in town so we picked out our nursery paint. Kevin painted the nursery on Sunday and it looks great. It is hard to tell the color from the pictures, but the name is desert palm. A light green, which matches our theme (MiGi Splash) perfect. We have a few more pictures to hang and we are waiting for the glider to be delivered. The room actually looks like a nursery now. Last night, after the paint dried, Kevin and I stood in the room looking around thinking, now it looks like we're having a baby. Even though it's a bit small, I love the room and I know we'll enjoy every minute of it too. We'll post more pictures once the room is complete.

Bailey, of course, had to be in the picture too.

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