Monday, January 19, 2009


Kevin and I went to the doctor today for what may be our last ultrasound until the baby is born. As soon as we walked into the ultrasound room, the technician asked us if we wanted to know the sex of our baby. HELLO!!!! YES!!! So, here we just a few minutes we'll have a name! As soon as the first picture came up on the screen, Kevin says "I think I saw something". We saw our little boy. Mason Christopher wanted us to know right away. The technician didn't have to say anything, but she was very thorough in telling us every body part and pointing out every movement to us. Mason is a very active boy. She had a hard time getting his heartbeats per minute because he kept moving around. She was able to get all of his measurements and everything is normal. As a matter of fact, according to his measurements, my due date was moved up 3 days. Now we are due June 16th. My next appointment is for a check up and will be on February 5th. I'm a little bummed that we won't have another ultrasound unless necessary. I always looked forward to seeing our son. We'll see him soon enough.

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