Monday, February 09, 2015

Winter projects continues

Hey y'all!

Remember this post from way back when? Well, it's time for a change, and to say bye bye to the monkeys. 

Apparently we love this gray by Sherwin Williams.  So far we have painted the hallway going into this bathroom and also the bathroom, and our office.  We are also painting Mason's room gray.

We decided to put the shelves back in the same spot after painting.  

 Now it's time to decorate.  Mason has decided he would like a seashell bathroom.  I agree. We love the the beach and what better way to bring it into our home. 

I found this artwork on and of course my first thought is...  I can totally make those and they will look super cute in this bathroom.

I'm loving this crab!

 We have wood leftover from our deck project, so I am totally on board with another diy!  I mean how hard could it be, right?

I have a vision of white and navy with some accents of orange (per Mason's request).  Having a plan in mind seems to help me pick out items when I'm shopping.  Sometimes having a vision can go way wrong or I get disappointed afterwards if it doesn't turn out they way I had planned. 

I would like to have a display of seashells on these shelves.  Maybe a picture or two and I feel like I need something with some height.  

Obviously our monkey shower curtain must go.  I'm thinking a white shower curtain with maybe a stripe or two of navy. 

An oar would look really cool here, don't ya think?

HomeGoods here I come!

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