Friday, August 01, 2014

Wasted space

Hey y'all!

How many of you live in your dream home? 

And how many of you are making your home a dream?

Well, dream or not, hubby and I (mainly me) are constantly changing or working on something. I'm not always looking for work to do, but I seem to always look for ways to organize or use all of what we have.  

We downsized 4 years ago into our current home and first I was in shock by the space we were limited too.  Now, however, we seem to have all that we need.  Sure I would love to have this, that, or the other, but I'm happy with what we have currently and we both love making our home comfortable.
Our kitchen could use more cabinets, so I thought this space next to the fridge would be perfect for a tall cabinet. Our pantry is behind the laundry room door and not very easy to access in the middle of cooking.  This new cabinet would be great for flour, sugar, spices, oils, etc. 

The tall cabinet could be as tall as the current cabinets and would look as if it were built in with the house. Hopefully the cabinet information is in our closing paperwork so we can match them up. 

The space above the cabinets is a complete waste.  Other than being able to decorate this space has no purpose.  I'm not sure if there is anything in the plans for this space.  I guess I could always add some baskets storing smaller items, but it wouldn't be easy to get things down as I need them and this space seems to get very dusty!

This next area is in our foyer.  I'm thinking a wall tree with a bench would be really neat.  We don't use the front door often.  Mostly go in and out through the garage door, but it would be nice for guests to come in and be able to hang their jacket. 

Just to get an idea, I found this one on  Very cute and has lots of storage. I think the style with the cubbies would work as well.  

Guess we need to get busy!

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