Monday, February 03, 2014

Blogging Blah!

Hey y'all!  Yes, I'm still here!

I'm in a blogging blah!  It could be the weather.  It could be the lack of Vitamin D.  It could be there's nothing much going on.  It could be I'm in a blogging blah.

Or it could be all the above.

Before our big snow, well big for us in the south, we worked on drainage in the backyard.  We purchased a hot tub a couple of months ago, and we need to prepare the yard for the installation.  We have a ton of run off that washes out our backyard with every rain, so we have installed pipes under ground to allow the water to drain to our ditch.  Kevin did all of the work himself. 

Kevin's supervisor, Bruiser.  The sun feels so good to this ole fella. 

 Kevin has also made the playground a bit smaller as well.  We needed to make room for the concrete slab where the hot tub will go. 

We went to bed one night to rain, sleet, and snow, and we woke up to winter wonderland!  We honestly didn't think the snow would amount to much at all.  To our surprise, we ended up with 6 inches or more.  We never actually measured, but it was a lot. 

And of course when the south gets this much snow, school is closed for the week.  Yes, week!  Well, Mason was out of school for 3 days.  We do not have the equipment available for our roads.  Of course the roads are treated prior to and during the storm, but the amount of snow we get really doesn't constitute us spending millions for the proper equipment.  So, we hunker down.  Freak out and buy milk and bread.  Actually, for us it's more of excitement than a freak out, but you know what I mean.

With every snow storm there is a lesson learned.  Our local grocery store was out of milk, cinnamon rolls (in the can), most of the bread was gone, bananas, and oh ground beef! All of the ground beef was GONE!  I guess everyone was making chili.  I was amazed by the lack of preparation from our grocery store.  I'm not sure how I'm feeling about a major disaster.  We might be in trouble.  Just sayin'!

We played and played.  And walked around the yard looking for bird and deer tracks.  We threw snowballs at each other.  We tried to sled, but the snow was too soft.  We discovered we really didn't have the proper snow gear.  Mason has had a snow suit every year except this one.  Poor guy!  He was fine with the jeans, but the rain boots didn't make the cut.  His feet were wet with in minutes of going outside.  He didn't seem to mind for a while, but he let us know when he was ready to go in for hot chocolate. 

He was so proud of his snow angel.  And then he was wet and cold and ready to go inside.  

During our snow break, Mason got a package from Nina and Papa.  It couldn't have come at a better time.  A box complete with all of the Valentine essentials.  Fridge magnets, sandwich bags, markers, coloring book, and Valentine crafts.  Mason was surprised to see the mailman comes in the snow and so excited to get his package.  

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