Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Festivities

Happy Fall Y'all!

Are you enjoying this Fall season so far?  This is our favorite time of year and so far, we are having a great time.

We went with our friends to a local nursery to visit the pumpkin patch.  This is the same place we went last year.  We fed the fish, chickens, goats, and donkey.  It was actually very hot and humid this day, so we were all a bit miserable.

Poor Mason fell in the driveway before we left.  The bad part is, he had fallen a few days prior and re opened the same sores.  He was so upset, but insisted we still go get pumpkins.  We had to the bring the wagon because he said he couldn't walk.  HA!   

Mason is so good with animals.  I, of course, am freaking out in the background.  Be careful, be gentle...  I'm so scared the animals are going to bite him! 

There was a new addition to the nursery this year.  Sunflowers!  They were beautiful!  The kids loved them too!

 Buddies...  Jack and Mason

 Our friends came over for a playdate and lunch.  We always have a great time with our friends.  Especially when there are cupcakes involved!

 Everyone decorated their own cupcake.  Mason has enough sprinkles for 10 cupcakes!  

I also had my first vendor fair.  A very cute company in Cary was having a Fall festival and I was able to set up a table for Thirty-One.  It was very nice to get my name out there and meet people.  

My biggest fans came with me to the Fall festival.  They look thrilled. HA!  Actually they did have fun for about the first 2 hours, but then I still had 2 more hours left.  They were definitely ready to go by then!  HA! 

Looking a Bruiser, one would think it is Winter and not Fall!  He is so funny!  Actually, he had just had a bath, so he was ready to catch a nap!  

And of course, Fall is not complete without baking.  This picture doesn't do these muffins justice.  Yummy Pumpkin Spice Muffins! 

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