Monday, March 25, 2013


Hey y'all!  It really is the little things in our family.  Well, this one is actually a 14' x 14' little thing!  HA!

After several years of waiting and talking about it and then moving and waiting and talking about it.....


Thank goodness!  The shed/man cave/barn/shop IS FINALLY here!

Don't get me wrong, I'm just as excited, but I think Kevin could have slept in that thing the first night!

The boys were so funny on Saturday!  

Waiting....  Waiting....

Mason was so excited about the BIG truck coming to delivery the 'fort'.  

I must say, I was pretty impressed with these guys.  They have definitely done this before.  I mean driving in our backyard...  I would have been sweatin' bullets!  YIKES!

Seriously, look at the size of the truck vs. the size of the building!

I do believe the driver made a 20 point turn before getting it set in place.  Well, maybe only 6 point or so!  

Next up was getting it in between two trees, which really wasn't a huge deal. 

Finally, we are headed in the right direction.  Backwards.... 


These two were on pins and needles.  I don't know who was more excited.

Mason was not going to miss a minute.  He kept inching closer and closer.  He had to know all of the details.  What, When, Why, & How!  Over and Over!  HA!

The guys did a great job setting everything in place and making sure the building was level.  

I'm so glad we left it up to the professionals.  And I know Kevin was glad.  So he could just relax and supervise!  


So there you have it!  Our long awaited journey to becoming a shed owner.  I think it's a must when you live in the country!  

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