Thursday, September 27, 2012

Show Us Your Life Schedule

Hey y'all!  I hope you have had a great week.  Glad tomorrow is Friday?  Yep, me too!  So, just a quick update on the Show Us Your Life series.  I haven't participated in the last couple of weeks, well, because, I didn't have much to talk about on the particular subjects.

The following is the schedule for September and one day in October.

Sept 7- Adult birthday party ideas
Sept 14 - Show us your fav beauty products
Sept 21 - Show us your SINGLES!!!!!
Sept 28 - Direct Sales Day
Oct 6 - Tailgate food

Unfortunately, I will not participate in these either.  I don't sell anything and we don't tailgate.  We are more basketball than football anyway.  Not that you can't tailgate for basketball, but it's more popular for football.  
If you missed any of these topics or would like to check back for updates, head on over to Kelly's Korner. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

So much to say!

Hey y'all!  Well, I have failed you again.  Gosh!  How does so much time go by so fast, and yet sometimes, 5 minutes feels like 5 hours.  

Mason and I went to a playdate today and enjoyed the company of our long lost friends.  Since Mason has started school, we only see them once a week and sometimes only once every two weeks.  Oh how I long for the company of these women!  We share our 'kid stories', eat, and laugh! 

Anyway, bear with me, as this post may be a bit long or may seem like I'm rambling.  Which I do in real life conversation, so it's not out of the ordinary.  I tend to share too much information.  Oh well, it's in my nature.  I'm a very open and honest person.  If you ask me... "how are you doing"?  I'm going to tell you the truth.   I find it annoying when the response is always, "I'm fine.  How are you"?  Really?!  No one is ALWAYS fine.  It's ok to say otherwise.  HA!

So, I last left you with our trial adoption of Titan, which going forward we will call Ty.  As of now, we have had Ty in our home for 8 days and he is doing well.  He adapted almost immediately.  Honestly, it's us that has had to adjust.  Mainly me!  We haven't had a pet in our home for over 2 years and it takes some getting used to, you know?  Ty is a very relaxed, loving, patient, and gentle puppy.  He is only 8 months old, but we have since said he has an old soul.  He doesn't act like a puppy at all.  Since he has been in our home, he hasn't touched any of our belongings.  Nothing.  He is completely house trained.  Sleeps all night.  

So, what's the problem, you ask?  I don't know.  I didn't realize how OCD I am and I'm struggling.  We had a dog in our home for 10 years prior to Ty, so I don't know why now is different.  Some will say, it's good for you, you need this right now.  I'm really trying, but here is where the honesty is going to come in.  I find myself more concerned with cleaning.  I've always been bad about things being in order in my home, but since my 'nesting' phase during my pregnancy, I seemed to have gotten worse.  I don't know why and I do try to relax, but here is what happens.

Picture this.....  I'm sitting on the couch or at the kitchen table like I am now typing this post.  I look around and see (or know) things that need to be done.  For example, right now, I know I have at least 2 loads of laundry that needs washed.  There are 2 flies in my kitchen that are driving me nuts and need to go, but I'm still typing.  The kitchen floor needs to be mopped.  The pillows from the couch and chair are on the floor and need to be picked up.  There are 2 cups in the sink that need to be in the dishwasher.  I could go on, and on, but I think you get the point.  

I can't relax and I can't help myself.  These are feelings I have everyday and now with Ty in the picture, it has only added to my OCD.  Yes, Ty is a great dog and companion, but he's messy!  The worst is when he drinks his water.  As he lifts his head and walks away, the water/slime is dripping all over the kitchen floor.  The even worst part is when I step in it.  EWW!  Drives me crazy!  The other messy part is when he shakes his head, slobber flies all over the place.  The other day, I found some on our dresser.  Yes, really!  Honestly those are the only two issues. He does shed, but not terrible.  I don't notice the hair much until I vacuum and then I see the hair in the canister.  YUCK!

Well, this is not just about me.  There are 2 other people in this house.  Kevin seems to enjoy having Ty around.  He likes the company, especially when he is outside working in the yard.  Mason, at this point, is indifferent.  He says he likes his new doggy and seems to enjoy having Ty around.  Although, there are  days where Mason doesn't want Ty in his face.  He says, "no doggy".  Since Ty is such a great dog, he just walks away.  Ty is a very lovable dog and because of that, he demands love in return.  He wants to be in the same room with you at all times.  Sometimes even being in the same room is not enough, he has to be touching you or so close that you almost step on him.  Being a stay at home mom, this can become very annoying.  I feel bad for saying that, but it's true.

The jury is still out on whether we keep Ty.  I hate saying that because I really can't see us giving him back.  I know.  I'm running around in circles.  I need to get over myself and realize there is more to life than having a perfectly clean/organized home.  I'm going to continue to try and relax and enjoy life.  I think! HA!  

Thanks for hearing me out and please don't judge me because of my cleaning obsessions.  It's actually kind of embarrassing.  I hope that people are comfortable around me and that I don't make them feel uncomfortable.  Does that make sense?  Put it this way, I'm not going into your home and thinking, wow, how do people live like this!  (unless I'm watching Hoarders)  I honestly, wish I were not so obsessed.  

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A New Home

Hey y'all!  I hope you are having a great week and enjoying this beautiful weather.  I know I am.  I'm so ready for Fall!

We have some exciting news to share.  Over the past few months, we have been discussing adopting another dog.  We actually visited a local rescue last year, but Mason wasn't ready at the time.  During this time, we continued looking online at different rescues in our area, but haven't visited any of them or met any of their dogs until now.  

Kevin found a dog online that he just had to meet.  His name is Titan and he is currently in a foster home through this rescue and also on

Here is the information that we read online before we met Titan.

Hi! My name is Titan! I am a 7 month old retriever/plott hound mix. I have been in the rescue since mid February. I was rescued along with my mom and 4 siblings from a rural shelter in NC. We were all covered in mange. That has since cleared up. I am the last one of my litter to be adopted. I have a unknown neurological condition that makes me a little wobbly in the back end. This does not effect me getting around at all, I just walk a little funny. The vet seems to think that with strengthening exercises that this could become very minimal. My foster parents barely notice it anymore. I am a very happy guy and VERY laid back. I am crate and dog door trained. Don't let my wobbly legs scare you off, I am a lover and just need a moment to steal your heart.

When my husband sent me the link to look at this dog, I'm thinking, ARE YOU SERIOUS?!  Why would you want to adopt a dog that has a 'condition' and will need extra care?  

Well, the fact is, everyone else in the market to adopt, was thinking the same thing and never gave the poor fella a chance.   

We talked about it for a while and talked to Mason too!  We decided we wanted to meet him and find out more.  Well, we did just that.  We met him this week and OH MY goodness!  He is a sweetheart.  So gentle, very loving.  He came right up to us, licked our hands and then laid right down for us to pet him.  

Mason was excited too, but needed reassurance to touch and pet the dog.  That was all it took.  He wanted to give him a treat.  He told Titan, "Sit", "Good Dog" HA!  The problem was, Titan was already sitting (actually laying down).   

Along with meeting Titan, we were also able to meet with his foster mom and the founder of the rescue.  They were both very helpful and answered all of our questions.  Our concerns were obvious.  We wanted to know more about this condition.  

From what they can tell (and Titan's vet), this condition is believed to be neurological since they have ruled out any other spinal/back issues from his x-rays.  They could possibly find out more about his condition by testing, but this would cost thousands of dollars and they may not get an answer.  Titan was born with basically a weak back end, so his legs are a bit wobbly.  It really isn't bad.  Of course, when he is excited it is more noticeable.  He is a bit slower going up and down stairs and would need help into a vehicle.  He may become better over time with some strengthening exercises, such as sitting and getting back to the standing position, walking, standing on his back legs (with help of course).  He is not in pain and he is not taking medicine for this condition.

Here is Titan as a puppy.

And here is what is looks like today. 

We will bring Titan home Thursday evening for a trial adoption.  The rescue gives you the option of taking home your pet for 2 weeks.  We are so grateful to have this time to make sure Titan loves his new home and he makes a good fit for our family.  

We bought a few things to welcome Titan to his new home.  This will be a big transition for him.  He has been with his foster mom for 8 months and of course we haven't had a dog in our home in over 2 years.  


 Will this work out for us and for Titan?  We don't know, but we are willing to give it a try.  He needs a loving home and we miss having the companionship of a pet.  Like I told the founder of the rescue, we are looking for a member of our family, we're not looking for just a dog.  

The one thing I know for sure, if we keep him, we would like to change his name.  We were thinking....  Charlie, but we'd love to hear your ideas too. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

First Day Ever

Hey y'all!  We've been MIA for a few days.  Kevin and I took a little anniversary trip.  I'll post about that soon.  First, I need to tell you about Mason's first day of preschool.  

Oh My Goodness!  He was so excited!  We have been preparing for weeks. Getting new shoes, a backpack, lunch box, using the potty like a big boy.   We went to orientation.  We met his teacher (Ms. Tina),  toured his classroom.  He walked right in his room, sat down, looked at the teacher, and said, "are my friends going to be here"?  "Is Jack coming"?  Poor little fella.  He didn't understand that his friends from our group would not be in his class.  I felt so bad for him, but we reassured him he would meet more friends and he would still see Jack too!

He said he needed to watch some TV, drink his milk, and eat breakfast before he could go to school.  And he did just that.  Such a big boy!  


We've been talking to Mason about school for a while now, so that he is prepared.  When the time came, he didn't mind the change at all.  He was up at 6:30 am and said, "let's go, Mommy.  I'm ready to go to school".


I walked him in to his class on the first day.  He was so handsome, and looked like such a big boy with his backpack.  Ms. Tina showed him where to put his backpack every morning.  He put it in his cubby and never looked back.  

 Mason went right to playing and I looked around his room.  It was so cute to see his name everywhere.  He has his own cubby, a place to sit at the table, and his name is on the outside of the room too!  His room them is Zebras. 

I was the 'misty eyed' mommy.  I looked lost and was thinking....what am I supposed to do now?  Do I just leave my child with this person I've met one time?  This is strange!  I don't like this! HA!  I'm really unsure at this point.  I had to ask Mason for a hug and sugar (kiss)!  He said, "ok, mommy...bye, I'll see you later"!  Oh ok!  I guess I'll leave now.  

As the tears are welling up in my eyes, I stood outside the room and watched my baby boy.  He was a big boy now.  He made himself right at home.  He was playing and never realized I left. 

I'm only assuming he had a good first day.  I picked him up in the carpool line so I never saw his teacher.  He came home in the same outfit, so at least I know he used the potty.  He was so tired.  In the car ride home, I asked him questions and I didn't get much response, mostly head shakes.  I said, what did you do today?  He said, I ate a lollipop.  I asked him if he made a new friend and he said yes, George.  Come to find out, it is Jordan.  HA!

So far, so good.  I hope he continues to be excited about school.  I'm hoping to find out more about his first day.  Maybe I'll walk him in again tomorrow so I can see the teacher.

I have a school boy now!  *sigh*

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Through The Years

Goodness!  Looking back through these photos makes me us feel old, but it also reminds us of the wonderful 10 years of marriage.  

 {2002: engaged}

 {2002: wedding reception in Cary, NC}

 {2002: wedding in Alaska)

Missing (aka, need to scan photos in) 2003 & 2004





{2009: pregnant with Mason}




We are so fortunate to have had these 10 years!  I'm looking forward to 10 more and 10 more and 10 more......

Happy Anniversary Kevin!  I love you!

Monday, September 03, 2012

Show Us Your Life ~ What you make or sell

Hey y'all!  Happy Labor Day!  Do you have big plans for today (this weekend)?  Nope! Not us.  We're just hanging around the house, getting ready for our anniversary trip.  YAY!

So, the 'home series' of Show Us Your Life at Kelly's Korner blog is over for the moment, but we are continuing to share different things in our life.  Today is 'What You Make or Sell'.  I do neither, but I love to support local small businesses.

I would like to introduce you to My Kid's Laundry.  Mason has several shirts from this shop and they are all custom.  It's super neat to be able to custom design (with Sandy's help) a t-shirt for a party, first day of school, his favorite character, or just because. 


The most recent purchase was for Mason's third birthday.  We had a 'bug themed' party.  Super cute!


This past Winter, we got him a snowman shirt.  We got so many compliments on this shirt. 

For Christmas, Santa brought Mason a shirt with his favorite character....Winnie The Pooh!  He was in love!

Mason also had several bibs from My Kid's Laundry.  These bibs are excellent!  Very absorbent with chenille backing and wash perfectly!  And last forever.