Monday, December 03, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Hey y'all!  We had a great weekend!  The weather was absolutely b.e.a.utiful!  Nina and Papa came for a visit and we celebrated Kevin's birthday.

Happy Birthday Daddy!  We Love You!

I can not even begin to tell you how much Mason adores his Papa!  I mean, he loves all of his grandparents, but whenever Papa is around you can't pry Mason away from him.  They are inseparable!  I love to watch them and listen to them laugh and laugh. 

This picture is precious!

We decorated, and put up the wreaths for our neighbor entrance.

Turned out nice. Very festive!

Sunday night we visited Meadow Lights again.  Mason got to see Santa.  He was so excited to talk to Santa and did a great job sitting on his lap.  After he saw Santa and took the picture, we walked out and said, "Wait, I forgot to tell Santa something".  Poor fella!  We told him we would write Santa a letter.

The lights were pretty and of course we went into the old candy store.  We only left with 2 bags of candy.  Surprise!  Yogurt covered raisins and maple nut goodies, one of my favs!

There were barrels and barrels of candy.  Crazy!  We were early visiting this year, but another couple of weeks and the candy will be GONE!  

 Mason looked so handsome in his plaid shirt and Christmas vest. 


Mason and his Papa.  We may have to frame this picture.  Mason said he wanted a picture of Papa in his room. 

 This was not part of our weekend, but I wanted to share this with you.  I'm so excited!  We had an Elf workshop at my friend Melinda's house today.  We painted, had a great lunch, visited with our friends, and then we went outside.  Melinda led me around her property for some beautiful clippings.  I couldn't wait to get them home and put them in my empty planter.

 I just love how it turned out.  So festive.  I love it on the front porch.  It's amazing what you can create out of the natural elements and it's free!

Thanks Melinda!

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