Thursday, December 20, 2012

Forever Treasures

It wasn't so long ago, well, maybe a few years, HA! that I made little treasures and brought them home to my family.  My mom still has them all and puts them out at Christmas time.  Although I don't remember, I'm sure I was so excited to bring them home.

Mason has brought home all types of fun treasures during this month.  

Here's my little angel.

 His fingerprint reindeer.  Kinda looks like a turtle to me.

 Snowman clothes pin.  Look closely and you can see his smiling face!

Fingerprint Rudolph. Such a cute poem!

 Mason printed his own trees and snow on this wooden plaque.  

 The legend of the Candy Cane.  Mason said it's for baby Jesus.  So precious!

I'm sure you have forever treasures too.  I hope your little one has brought them home to you and that you will put them out each year and remember those special times!

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