Monday, August 27, 2012


I love changes, especially in my home.  New things or just changing stuff around always makes me feel good!  Well, I'm not sure Mason will take after me in this category.

For the past few months, we have been going back and forth on getting Mason another bedroom set or just a new bed.  He's only 3, so I didn't want to put a ton of money into something that he will destroy.  Let's face it, he still rips pages out of books (only a couple of times), is he really ready for a bedroom set?  I don't think so!  

We also were holding off because he still rocks (A LOT) in his bed.  He has done this since 8 months old and has never stopped.  Some nights are worse than others and now he adds humming to his ritual.  Enough to keep us up at night too!

We finally decided to get him a toddler bed.  Yes, I know, he's not a toddler, but this will last him another year or two and then we'll move on to something nicer.  We ordered one from Wal-Mart and Saturday went to pick it up from the store.  We made it a fun day.  We were going to pick up the 'big boy bed', go to D-Donalds, shop, get a haircut, and just have fun.  He was very excited!
We got home, unloaded the box, and Daddy and his helper began putting it together.  Mason loves being Daddy's big helper.  Everything went together well.  I rearranged his room a bit, cleaned and vacuumed and we were ready to continue our fun filled day.  No nap, just fun.   

Later in the evening it's time to get ready for bed.  YAY! I can sleep in my big boy bed.  So excited.  Well..... Not so much.  When the time came to get in the bed, he refused.  "I don't want to"  "That's not my bed"  "That's not my favorite bed"  He would not get in that bed!  45 minutes later, he falls asleep in a chair in the living room, Daddy scoops him up and put him in the bed.  

He went from this... this

We were not expecting this.  We thought for sure he was so excited about sleeping in this bed.  Sunday for nap, same thing.  He doesn't want to get in his bed.  He laid in his bean bag chair, played, came in and out of the room...finally an hour and a half later falls asleep.  And just a repeat at bed time Sunday night.

Monday morning, up at 6:15 AM.  Normally sleeps until 7:30.  

He is restless because in his new bed, there is no where for him to rock.  Hopefully, this will pass, but may take some time.

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