Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Party

I'm a terrible Mom! I walked right out of the house on Monday and forgot my camera. We were on the way to Mason's first little Valentine's party and I got a phone call which totally lost my groove! Oh Well! Mason was more interested in playing at his 'friends' house than actually participating in the party. At least I didn't forget his friend's Valentine's. Mason gave a little bag with gummy hearts and a Dr. Seuss card.

The moms enjoyed talking (& eating) of course, and the kids played, decorated cupcakes, and decorated bags for their Valentine's. Mason made his Valentine box at home. I knew he would not be interested in sitting at a table and decorating a bag. He's just not into crafts right now, maybe later. And as far as decorating cupcakes, well, he would rather stand at the table and eat the candies that go on the cupcake, rather than decorate with them! HA! As long as he is happy, right?!

He got 12 Valentine's from his friends. So cute! I saved the 'opening of the box' until Daddy came home and until after dinner (since there was candy). He was so excited to show Daddy his Valentines (aka. Balentine) He got cards, suckers, nerds, chocolate, gummies, and a free ice cream cone to D-Donalds. WOW! Guess what he went for first......

Yep! Chocolate! It took no time at all and he had already eaten 3 pieces. Ok, that's enough, let's save some for later. :)

His party was on Monday. So, Tuesday, we took a trip to Wal-Mart, ate lunch at D-Donald's and made cookies. Mason picked out some Valentine Mickey Mouse sugar cookies in Wal-Mart. He put them on the pan himself and then we put them in the oven. In the 9 minutes they took to cook, he asked me about 100 times if they were ready yet. Geez! So excited.

Daddy and I exchanged our cards and I got a card from Mason too. We ate dinner and watched the Cars movie AGAIN! That was it for our Valentine's Day! I know, very romantic. We are hoping to go to dinner and a movie this weekend. We'll see.

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