Saturday, February 04, 2012

Making the best of it

Mason and I have been home bound all week. Actually, we did venture out one day. We took the trash to the 'convenience center', aka. the dump :), got gas at the new Sheetz gas station ($3.19/gallon) YAY!, and went to the drive-thru at 'D-Donalds' aka. McDonalds. Mason was thrilled, but just that little bit made us tired. HA! We are feeling much better. Mason took his medicine all week like a champ. No fussing at all. Such a good boy! By Friday, he had cabin fever, so this morning Daddy took him outside for a little walk before the rain. Looks like we'll be inside for the weekend too. Rain in the forecast. That's ok. We are making the best of our colds and rain.

Mason enjoyed taking a blue bath, and playing with is new numbers and letters that stick to the shower wall (cool). He has watched his Cars movie about 100 times :), colored with his new washable crayons (not to interested in that activity yet), and of course played with his matchbox cars.

Daddy and I have been busy today cleaning and trying to erase the germs in the house. I feel much better now. We're ready to get back in the 'groove' next week and I'll try not to over do it, as my Mom says.

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