Sunday, February 12, 2012

I {heart} my friends

Mason had fun this weekend (and Mommy & Daddy too). Nina and Papa came for a visit. Papa and Mason played and played. I know Papa was worn out by the time they left. We enjoyed the company, had a great lunch of BBQ sandwiches and vegetable beef soup and then we went out for Mexican food.

I had a craft for Mason while Nina was visiting. We were making his mailbox for his Valentine Party on Monday. Well, as it turns out, Mason was more interested in sticking the stickers everywhere but the mailbox and he wanted to pull them off of everything else.

So, Nina ended up decorating his box and later, I made all of his cards and treats for his friends. Mason would say, "Are these for my friends"? "I like my friends, Mommy"! He must have asked me 100 times while I was making the cards.

His party is on Monday and I hope his little box is filled up with little Valentines. How cute is this? His first little Valentine! :)

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