Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Elmo Party

Mason and I had such a good time at our friend Jack's 3rd birthday party. Elmo was all over the place, along with cookie monster. We had Elmo cupcakes to match the invitation, goodie bags, and plates. So cute! Melinda did a great job and very creative too!

Mason was determined to sit next to Jack at the party. The party wasn't until noon, so all morning Mason kept asking if we were going to Jack's house. It's Jack's birthday, Mommy! He was so excited. He LOVES to see friends and especially likes Jack. As we were in the car driving, Mason kept asking over and over if we were going to Jack's house. He was so concerned. HA!

Melinda was such an awesome hostess. She fed all of the kids (and Mommies) lunch with all kinds of great food.
We had chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, fresh fruit (it was so good), chips, spinach dip (yummy), all kinds of cookies and of course, cupcakes.

After lunch, we played a couple of games. A cookie monster game where you had to feed cookie monster the (pretend) cookies. The kids went back and forth with a cookie on a spatula and then put it in cookie monster's mouth. Mason was hilarious. He took the pan of cookies over to the oven and said they needed to cook. We all fell on the floor laughing. I missed getting a picture. Gosh! It was so funny. Most of the kids said, forget the spatula and picked up the cookies. We all had such a good laugh watching them play. :)

After the games we all decided to go outside and walk around. They have 20 acres of land and we all had a good time walking around to check it out. So pretty. We also played with the parachute. Another kid favorite.

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