Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Virginia Beach

We had a nice vacation this year in VA beach. The weather was perfect all week. We stayed in a house right on the beach with our family. How nice it was to wake up, have a little breakfast, and take a walk on the beach. We also had a pool at the house and I'm so glad that we did. The ocean water was COLD! The water warmed up throughout the week, but the first couple of days, WOW! The water was so cold that it actually hurt your skin.

Mason had a BALL. He loved everything. He was not afraid of the water at all. He seemed to be more interested in walking the beach and picking up shells, than actually getting in the water. He played in the sand too! We loved watching him have fun.

This is the first time Mason felt the Ocean water and sand.

Who needs the lifeguards when I have this to look at? What a little cutie!!

We chose the perfect time to visit. Just before Memorial Day. There was not a crowd just yet. It was nice to be able to set up our umbrellas right in front of the house.

Mason loves the pool too, just as much as Kevin and myself. He loved his little car float that Daddy got for him. He was a bit nervous getting out of the float and would hang on tight to Daddy. He would say "I got you!"

We hope to visit another beach before the summer is out. As much as we all love the water, it would be a shame to miss out.

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