Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Do you need a mechanic?

We visited Grammy and PawPaw this past weekend. It sure is nice to live near family. We went for a visit on Sunday and ate lunch. Mason ran around the yard, rode in the wagon, and took a tour of PawPaw's shop. The man cave....girls aren't allowed (except to take pictures).

PawPaw was showing Mason all of his tools.
Mason seemed to be very interested and of course, he wanted to touch everything.

This is all of the lovin' Grammy could get this go around. Mason was to interested in other things. That's a toddler for ya!!

Who knows? We may have a farmer on our hands. Mason loves the dirt. Of course, that's a boy!!

Mechanic, farmer, politician, ...... Whatever our Mason decides to be when he grows up, is fine with us. We'll love him just the same.

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