Thursday, December 02, 2010

'Tis the Season..... to decorate!

The tree is up and decorated. The stockings are hung over the fireplace. The lights are in the windows and the garland is hung. We've even wrapped some presents already. We are on the ball.

We decided to get a small tree this year to go with our small house. It's actually a very cute tree and nicely decorated too! Although, now, it's only half decorated. Mason was able to reach and pull down some of the ornaments. It's ok. Ornaments can be moved higher on the tree. It looks pretty funny now. There are only lights on the bottom. For some reason, Mason just wouldn't stop. As soon as we turned our backs, he was right back at it again. We are looking forward to less time on the road this year (just a little).

We are trying to start our own family traditions on Christmas day. I really wanted Mason to be home on Christmas morning to see the gifts Santa left under the tree and what's in his stocking. He's still a bit young to understand, but it's time to start now so that he'll be used to being home.

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