Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mason's Shoes

Yep, that's right, Grammy took Mason to buy his first pair of shoes (well, for walking). He is now a walking boy. He took a couple of steps to start off and then later in the evening, when Daddy came home from work, Mason took off. He's still crawling a little, just depends on how fast he wants to get where he's going. :) It's so adorable to see him walk, but another step closer to becoming a big boy. It's such a shame that children are really only babies for a year.

We are still getting settled in on Blessed Lane. I say still, but we've only been in our new home for 2 1/2 weeks. We have quite a bit in the garage still, but as soon as we have a shed built most of it will go in there. The bonus room looks a mess with boxes on the floor, and a little bit of this and that everywhere. It's a work in progress to find a place for everything when you move from 2400 sq. ft. to 1650 sq. ft. It has been nice to have less to clean, but I never seem to be finished. As soon as I sit down, I see something else that needs to be done.

Now I'm wondering.... Where are we going to put a Christmas tree. Oh Boy!! Christmas is right around the corner. Wow!! One day at a time.

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