Saturday, June 05, 2010

Birthday party

Mason had a great first birthday.  Other than it being 95 degrees outside, the party turned out well.  We served BBQ, coleslaw, potato salad, pasta salad, baked beans, rolls, tea and lemonade.  You can't get more Southern or summery than that meal.  HMMM!   It was so good too!  

For his first party, I decided to make a lot of things myself.  Including, cupcakes, birthday banner, invitations, sugar cookies for the party bags, and the beverages.  We catered most of the other food except for the pasta salad and baked beans which Nana and Grammy made.  There were several children that came and from what I could tell, everyone had a good time.

I can definitely see pool parties in Mason's future.  Especially if it's going to be this hot in early June.  WOW!!  I think all of us would have went swimming had we had the opportunity. 

Mason was in a great mood (as usual).  He had fun playing with the other children and of course riding around in his new wagon.  He did not like his birthday cake which was not a surprise to Kevin and I.  He was more interested in having ice cream.  It's ok though, there will be plenty of time for cake, candy, cupcakes etc.   

There are lots of pictures so I will post some of them later. 

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