Monday, August 31, 2009

There's a first time for everything...

Mason has had a lot of firsts recently. He had his first trip to Nana and Papa's house and they gave him his first piece of chocolate. Notice it is a number 5 to represent him being their 5th grandchild. I don't know if Kevin and I will be able to save the chocolate until he is able to eat it, but we'll try (yeah, right). :)

We tried the Bumbo chair today and he loves it. I can't believe how well he is able to sit up in the seat. Of course his head is a little wobbly, but WOW he did really well. He thought he was hot stuff. Cute little boy! He's so adorable and I think he knows this already.

Mason has also discovered his hands and that he can use them to hit toys. The first couple of times were an accident, but I think he has the hang of it now. Smart boy!!

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