Wednesday, April 01, 2009

30 Weeks

WOW! The past 4 weeks have actually flown by. I haven't been very good at posting lately (I apologize). Kevin and I have been very busy and I have been extremely tired. I'm really struggling to get through the work week, but I'm determined to work until I go into labor. Check back with me in a couple of weeks. LOL!

The nursery is getting close to being complete. Kevin needs to paint and hang a couple of shelves (ledges) and we need to put up the wall decals. I'm also waiting on some wooden blocks that I ordered spelling out Mason. They will be very cute.

The play room needs help. We still need to paint the room and organize. We have so many things already and it needs to be organized. I can't stand it until everything is in it's place (at least for the moment).

I have my last 4 week doctor appointment in the morning. After that, I will be going every 2 weeks. It's getting close and we're excited and nervous. Everyone has been telling us to get your sleep now. Well, I'm having a hard time already. I guess my days of sleep are over. :( We are both looking forward to seeing our son Mason. Of course, we talk about "I wonder what color hair he will have"?, "Will his eyes be blue or hazel"? Either way, I know our boy will be handsome and we can't wait to meet him.

We are also touring the birthing center at WakeMed in Cary tomorrow evening. This, I think, will ease our minds a little.
Mommy at 30 weeks

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