Thursday, December 18, 2008

Boy or Girl?

Yes, we are planning to find out the sex of our baby. Our next appointment is January 7th and this will be a check up, no ultrasound :( I will be meeting the other doctor in the practice so that when time to delivery, I will be familiar with both. Although, I'll be a little bummed if my doctor isn't able to deliver. Kevin and I just love him. So, the way our appointments are falling, it looks like it will be the 1st or 2nd week in February before we find out if we are having a boy or a girl. Either way, we feel very special and lucky. We've waited for four years, I guess another month or so won't hurt. I do hope that the baby cooperates during the ultrasound. So far the two that I've had, the baby moves around quite a bit. We'll see and of course will post as soon as we find out.

The other popular question has been, what will you name the baby? If we have a boy, he will be named Mason Christopher Kranz. If we have a girl, she will be named Stella Elizabeth Kranz or Carley Elizabeth Kranz. We haven't quite settled on the girl's name.

The significance of the names are family related. Kevin's middle name is Christopher and we both just like Mason. As for the girl, Elizabeth is my first name and we like Stella. Carley will be short for my Grandma Davis' name. Her name was Carleen and I thought Carley was more up to date and a great way to remember my Grandma. She was very special to me.

If you would like to vote on the girl's name, please feel free to leave a comment. No comments about the movie of the man yelling STELLA!!!! We don't know what movie that is from, but we have heard that comment a million times. We still like the name. :)

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A, J & E said...

It's from A Streetcar Named Desire. Love the names--you can't go wrong with the name Elizabeth :)