Thursday, July 07, 2011

A meal fit for a King.....or a toddler

Mason is such a good eater. Actually, from the very first time we gave him baby food. His favorite then was sweet potatoes, and now it seems to be bananas (and cheese). He calls them "me-nas". This is the only word he has never said correctly. As long as we know what he means, it's ok. HA!

I try to give him a variety of food daily and maybe that has helped, but he really isn't picky. Normally, for lunch he has a meat, a fruit, and cheese. Today he had, turkey, bananas, and cheese. Sometimes we mix it up and have ham or chicken nuggets, or grapes instead of bananas, but we always have cheese. I've tried to not give him the cheese, but he asks for it everyday. Sometimes even for breakfast!

Mason is not crazy about vegetables. He'll eat them, but sometimes we have to sneak them in a bite. Corn is generally not a problem, but green beans or carrots, he could take it or leave it.

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