Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Morning

We have so many pictures from Easter that I have to separate the posts into two. So Easter morning, Mason got two baskets. One from the Easter bunny and one from Nana and Papa. If you are keeping count, this will be number 2 and 3 (baskets for Mason). Goodness, no one loves this child. He was so thrilled when he woke up and saw the baskets sitting their, calling his name. HA!

The Easter bunny was really thinking this year. He got Mason some things for the beach. A beach ball, a bubble maker, and some water shoes. He also brought Mason a book, a chocolate bunny, some new jammies and some goldfish.

Look Mommy, I got some chocolate!

Poor fella. He can't figure out what to look at first.

I think he liked the grass as much as the gifts!

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