Sunday, April 10, 2011


We had a much better visit with Chase and "the baby" this week. Last week, Mason and I both were in crabby moods, but we got over it and had a good time this week. Shelley and I were able to take the boys (and girl) outside this week. The weather was nice and it worked out great. Chase and Mason both, love to be outside. We took a walk (the boys rode in the wagon) through the neighborhood and then came back to the house for a little swing time.

It's a little difficult once the boys are out of the wagon, they are going in all different directions. For some reason, they didn't want to stay in the back yard or even in the same location as each other. Shelley is running on one side of the house and I'm on the other side trying to get them to stay in one place. Yeah, right!! HA! Poor Alexa is like "hey, I'm still here, you know".

Mason is so funny. As soon as we get in the car (to go anywhere), he starts saying "Chase, baby" meaning Chase and Alexa, but once we get to their house, he calls Chase baby too. He still calls Alexa baby and he'll point to her head and say "ball". :) He was getting a kick out of her this week. He is always so interested in her and what she is doing. He loves to touch her hand and then he laughs and laughs. It's to cute. Of course, the whole time, I'm saying "no touch" terrified that he is going to hurt her. He is going through the stage of, let's throw everything just to see what it looks like or what it will hit in the process. OH BOY!! I don't think so. Apparently, it's a boy thing. Chase is doing it too!

Goodness! This is before Mason's haircut. WOW! It was shaggy. We just didn't want to let go.

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