Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chase, Chase.....

That's what I heard yesterday morning. After mentioning to Mason that today is our play date with Chase, he was ready to go and didn't eat much breakfast. He didn't even ask for Blue's Clues. He was READY TO GO!!! I'm so happy to see him have so much fun with Chase. Mason was so surprised to see that Chase has eyes, a nose, ears, hair.... just like him. Poor Chase just stood there while Mason pointed out everything. For some reason, Mason can't point to the body part, he has to touch it, so he's poking Chase's eye out. GEEZ!!! I hope Mason doesn't become a bully. HA!

This is Alexa. Chase's sister. She's so sweet and tiny!

Poor Chase, Mason wouldn't leave him alone for a second. He even sat on his lap.

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