Thursday, October 14, 2010

The weekend wrap-up

A little late I know, but Mason has had a terrible time this week with teething. He has been running a very high fever and has been very irritable. Luckily, he has been taking great naps during the day. Poor fella. I've never seen a baby go through teething so long and NEVER get any teeth. This time, I think, he will get his two front teeth. ha!

Anyway, we had a very busy weekend. We went to Greensboro on Friday, spent the night with Nana and Papa and then to Aunt Amy's house on Saturday. We went shopping, ate, made crafts, played with our cousins, and went to see a big fire truck. Mason is a fireman for Halloween this year. I'll post some of the pictures, but not all because I don't want to spoil the Halloween card.

Sunday, we had a late birthday celebration for Uncle James and Grandpa. Gosh! I think we ate ALL weekend. Good food is hard to pass up!

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