Monday, May 10, 2010

Our First Mother's Day

Time flies.....Just last year I was 2 weeks away from delivering my son. Of course I didn't know it then. We thought we had another month, but our son was ready and honestly I was more than ready at that point. Take a look at me this time last year. I sure wished my hair looked like that now. I miss my hair already, but that is another story.

Carrying a child doesn't mean that you are a Mommy. To me anyway. You may have the motherly instincts, but the real badge doesn't come until you have survived the first year! :) LOL!

I had a nice Mother's Day. We went to my Mom's for the weekend. My brother, James, and his girlfriend Lori also came to spend the weekend. We went out to dinner on Saturday and went shopping.

On Sunday, we stayed at Mom's and had dinner. It was very relaxing. And this is me this year carrying my son on the outside. :)

Mason enjoyed his first wagon ride around the yard. We took turns riding the KING around as he held on to the sides of the wagon. If the sun is not in his eyes and it's not too hot, he loves being outside.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

First pool

We had a visitor a few days ago and they brought Mason a gift. A pool!! YAY! We were planning to get one so this worked out great. We actually took it to Grammy's house to use over the weekend. It's a good thing too. It was HOT! We had a great time watching Mason, but boy were we hot. We've now decided to get a bigger pool so that we can all get in with Mason.

Thank you to Sarah and Alyssa!!